Sanitine Neem and Sanitine Sandal



Summers are heart retching in India. The extreme temperature, heat and sweat become the reason why many people suffer from itchiness, rashes and other skin infections. To combat the heat-caused skin issues, we bring to you KMP Ayurvedic Sanitine, an antiseptic skin hygiene liquid in Sandalwood and Neem fragrances.

One of the main ingredients of KMP Ayurvedic Sanitine is Chlorhexidine which is used as a skin disinfectant and Antiseptic. The antibacterial properties of Sanitine help fight against Prickly heat, rashes, shaving cut, diaper rash, breast and nipple thrush, mosquito bites and other skin infections. It is also used to clean wounds and cut on the skin. Add Sanitine to a bucket of water, and the antiseptic liquid for bathing shall act as a whole-body sanitizer. The 10 per cent ethyl alcohol content in Sanitine makes sure that your intimate area is clean, and no harm such as itching or burning sensation is caused. The skin antiseptic disinfectant liquid by KMP Ayurvedic is multipurpose and can be used before waxing and threading as well. Since we understand how important it is to smell good after a shower, KMP Ayurvedic Sanitine is available in two beautiful fragrances- Neem and Sandalwood. These varieties leave a refreshing smell lingering on your skin post-shower.

Understanding the science behind it

Sometimes using just soap and water is not enough to thoroughly get the germs off your body. The primary reason why the antiseptic skin liquid is highly effective in killing germs is because of the presence of 10 per cent ethanol content. Since ethanol is also highly soluble in water, it is excellent in destroying harmful viruses and other disease-causing germs. The product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is approved by the Indian System of Medicine Drug Control West Bengal. Enriched with the goodness of Neem, Tulsi and Sandalwood- the three main elements of Ayurveda, Santine gives you all-round protection against germs. The most vital property of this product is that no matter how much you use it, the product is less likely to lose its effectiveness against the virus.


Take a cap full of KMP Ayurvedic Sanitine and mix it in a bucket of water before taking a bath.


Ethyl (Ethanol) Alcohol | Chlorhexidine Gluconate | Glycerine | Cetrimide | Purified Water | Sandalwood / Neem Fragrance

Safety Information

-Store in a cool dry place

-highly flammable

-For external use only

-Keep away from the reach of children

-Do a patch test first

-Consult a doctor before using if you have oversensitive skin