Cleanliness plays an important role in determining the hygiene level of a person. If you are concerned about personal hygiene, you must make sure to keep your hands clean and that can be done easily using a hand sanitizer. One of the best hand sanitizer brands, KMP brings to you alcohol-based hand sanitizers for keeping germs at bay. With 80% alcohol content, the hand sanitizers make sure to keep your hands 99.9% free of germs. The hand sanitizer can be used anywhere and at any time, without water. It is perfect for use when you don't have access to soap and water. The KMP Instant Hand Sanitizer is convenient to carry and can be easily placed in your bag, pocket, or purse for convenience. It is in liquid form and appears a brilliant blue, leaving the hands feeling refreshed with a lingering smell of lemon, with zero sticky residue. Unlike soaps, the hand sanitizer with alcohol does not dry hands and can be used as often as you want. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work effectively against viruses and are brilliant alternatives when soap and water are not available. In the current scenario, hands should be sanitized and cleaned before eating, touching the face, after touching any foreign object, and so on. You can now get KMP Instant Hand Sanitizer online in bulk at IndiaMart too.

Understanding the science behind

Hand sanitizers are a convenient way to keep your hands clean when you don't have access to soap and water. The main reason why sanitizers work is because of the presence of alcohol, particularly ethanol (ethyl). Ethanol is highly soluble in water and can destroy disease-causing agents by splitting cells, breaking apart proteins, or messing with the metabolism of the cell. Even hand sanitizers with as little as 30% of alcohol can kill pathogens. However, the effectiveness of alcohol-based hand sanitizers increases with a higher concentration of alcohol. Hence, by providing 80% alcohol, KMP is one of the best hand sanitizer brands in the market today!

Another great factor about hand sanitizers with alcohol is that no matter how many viruses it kills and for how long, the viruses do not develop any kind of resistance to it. This means that you can continue using hand sanitizers as often as you wish and it will not lose its effectiveness.


• Squeeze 3 to 4 drops on your palm

• Briskly rub your hands together until the solution is dry


• Ethyl (ethanol) alcohol

• Hydrogen peroxide

• Glycerol solution

• Purified color

• Lemon flavor

Safety information

• Highly flammable

• Keep it away from flame or fire

• Avoid direct eye contact

• In case it comes in contact with your eyes, immediately flush with cool water

• For external use only

• Keep it out of reach from children


• 50 ML Bottle

• 100 ML Bottle

• 200 ML Bottle

• 500 ML Bottle

• 5 L Jar

• 20 L Jar