Replenishing your crowning glory-A guide to repair saltwater and sun damaged hair

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Replenishing your crowning glory-A guide to repair saltwater and sun damaged hair

For most of us, beach trips during summers are kind of a ritual. Long beach hauls, skinny dipping for hours, flashing shiny sunglasses, enjoying refreshing lemonade accompanied by the cheering waves of the sea. Good times, eh? And we think to ourselves, what would possibly go south amidst all this fun-filled juncture! Well, we don’t mean to spoil it for you but, the sunny winds come bearing bad news for your hair.

You might have got sunscreen all over your body, but what most people ignore is proper hair care. With all this excitement rushing on, a small mistake can cause troubling, dramatic episodes later! Imagine going out on the beach for a whole day without pre-sun SPF. Frightening, eh?

 So why neglect your hair? The long sun exposure, humidity, dry air, beach sand and especially the salty water cause harmful effects to your scalp and hair. They turn dry, brittle, frizzy and are more prone to breakage. Don’t worry; we surely won’t suggest you to stop going to the beach! In this article, we will discuss the haircare repair tips for you to try on. 

#1 Go all natural! Feed your mane with yummy masks.


Keep your hair away from chemical products, gels, mousses, etc. These products will not mend but instead cause more loss to already damaged hair. Use natural ingredients, prepare DIY hair masks and apply them. Use conditioning ingredients such as –

  • Avocado
  • Honey
  • Eggs
  • Curd
  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive oil

These ingredients will help smoothed the dull texture of your hair. Some basic mask combinations include – Avocado + Olive Oil + Honey and Curd + Egg whites. Apply the prepared mask from scalp to tips. Massage it lightly, coating your entire hair. It is advised to use these masks twice a week for better results.

#2 Cleanse off quickly.

Cleanse off quickly


The foremost important step after a beach day is washing off your hair. Sand particles and salts from the seawater start penetrating your scalp and hair super soon. So it’s advisable to rinse off your hair as quickly as possible. Grab a good clarifying shampoo to rinse your hair and scalp

thoroughly. Twice if you may; to achieve a fully de-cleansed scalp.

#3 Oil it up!


Oil it up


Oils work wonders. They act as a great nourishing agent for your hair. Can you get a better hair spa than treating your hair with a warm oil massage? So yes, this doubles the reason to oil up your hair. Coconut oil, Argon oil, Olive Oil, Almond oil are excellent for such sun-damage repair. Heat up these oils to a warm temperature and massage liberally into your scalp. Do not forget to oil your lengths and tips. Then, wrap a damp hot towel around your tightly wrapped, greased hair for half an hour. A golden chance to take a power nap! This process will help the oil seep in and provide nourishment. After 30 minutes, rinse off your hair thoroughly with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These oils are rich in texture and filled with conditioning properties. They will help your hair repair from the caused damage.

#4 Say no to Machines!


Say no to Machines


The sun exposure sucks out all the moisture from your hair follicles, leaving them dry and frizzy. Therefore, using tools, especially the ones emitting heat, will only further weaken them. Preventing even more damage is the key! So, strictly do not use such tools on your hair while they are damaged. Also, use combs and brushes that will not cause breakage. Sun scorched hair are prone to break off easily because they turn brittle. Use natural Aloe vera gel as a serum before combing your hair.

#5 Chop Chop Chop!

Chop Chop Chop


One of the weird facts about your hair is that it grows at a much faster rate during summers. It’s advisable to trim off your damaged ends as they are prone to turn into split ends. Trim off just a few cm of your extra damaged tips for healthy growth. It will also allow you to change your hair length and style. So I mean, why not?

#6 No more Hot showers

No more Hot showers


Lukewarm or normal temperature water is best or your hair. Avoid heat in any form. Hot shower bath will pile up an added issue for your damaged hair by making them more dry and frizzy.

#7 Switch to Satin!

Switch to Satin


Generally, made pillowcases are manufactured from cotton. The cotton fabric tends to absorb all the moisture from your hair; which you don’t want; when you already have dry hair. In this case, switching your cotton pillowcases with satin ones helps a lot. Silk fabric also prevents detangling leading to lesser knots and harsh combing.

#8 Give your hair the extra TLC!


Give your hair the extra TLC


Damaged hair obviously needs extra protection to heal from the havoc caused. For this, you can opt for natural leave-on conditioners, organic hair scrubs, and serums. Your hair can avail added hydration and nourishment from such products. Various hair supplements can also aid their quality. Select products that are more suitable for your hair type and only after proper consultation.

#9 Use a humidifier in your house


Use a humidifier in your house


A humidifier at your living space will help create moisture in the air, and even though it might sound silly or dull, this small tip is very useful. Plus, you get a pleasant smelling home. So why wait? Go ahead and buy some summer fragrances of your choice.

Bring your strands back to life by following the above tips and the next time you plan for a beach day, make sure you are well prepared for the fun! By taking simple precautionary measures such as accessorizing your head with a cool scarf or bandana, you’ll be able to descend the damage from happening in the first place.

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