Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin & Cooking

People across the world hail coconut oil as a “superfood” and an all-natural beauty product that they’ve been waiting for. Even though coconut has been in existence for thousands of years, it has only been a decade that they’ve been in so much demand.

Coconut is a multipurpose fruit, especially for those who live in tropical countries. Coconut is eaten as a fruit, its flesh is eaten directly or used in cooking and coconut water is considered to be a refreshing drink. People use coconut milk for cooking and coconut oil is beneficial for skin and hair care, along with adding flavor in dishes. Even the shell of coconut can be used to store trinkets, treasures and other small items.

Although every Indian household has forever had a bottle of coconut oil and fond memories attached to it, the popularity of coconut has soared around the globe in recent years. From putting it into smoothies and salads, people are also cooking with it and splashing it on their hair and skin.

Coconut oil almost seems faultless. But, did you know that it can also be harmful to a few people? Below given are the pros and cons of coconut oil that you should know.

Coconut oil pros

The scientific community sees coconut oil as an unhealthy fat due to the presence of 86% unsaturated fat. But, the unique combination of fatty acids that this oil contains has amazing health, hair and skin benefits.

  1. Improves hair quality and suits all hair types

Coconut Oil for Hair Benefits

Coconut oil benefits for hair are varied and well-documented. Unlike popular belief, applying coconut oil directly to the hair does not leave the hair greasy and heavy. Instead, the oil cleanses, strengthens and smooths the hair. As the oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, it is capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft and give hair the nutrition that it needs to grow. Also, it moisturizes dry hair, strengthens the cuticle and prevent split ends. But, that’s not all. Coconut oil helps in fighting dandruff, itchy scalp and prevents scalp infections like, lice. The oil prevents loss of hair. It keeps the head cool during summer and also protects hair from chlorine when summertime demands regular dips in the swimming pool. Coconut oil can be used as a hair mask for deep conditioning or a detangler. You can apply the oil before washing your hair, leave it overnight or use it as a part of your hot oil treatment. You can also apply a few drops of oil after washing your hair if you have frizzy hair.

  • Enhances skin health and renders it blemish-free

Skin Care for Blemishes

Coconut oil comprises of lauric acid and this lends the oil hormone-balancing and moisturizing properties. Additionally, the oil has skin healing and anti-aging properties. Also, collagen production is stimulated, which helps to make the skin firm and tight. Also, the oil contains vitamin E and this offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

The vitamin E content in the oil also saves hair from UV rays.

  • Helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body

Coconut Good Cholesterol Levels

There are two types of cholesterol – HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein and among these two, coconut oil helps in increasing HDL, which is also known as good cholesterol. HDL helps in reducing the levels of LDL and boost cardiovascular health. Researchers have also proclaimed that MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) found in coconut oil helps in increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

  • Brain health is improved

Glucose is not always available in the body or sometimes the body cannot absorb enough of it due to existing illnesses or diseases, and therefore, ketones are often used to power brain cells. Now, as you must be aware, the human body does not produce enough ketones on its own. But, if you consume coconut oil, it is possible to create a temporary state of hyperketonemia where the ketone bodies in your bloodstream will be elevated. Also, several studies have proved the anti-stress and antioxidant properties of coconut oil that helps in maintaining brain activity to its optimal.

  • Helps the body in making good use of insulin

Coconut Oil Benefits

As already mentioned, coconut contains medium-chain fats. This means that it is hard to convert coconut oil into stored fat, and therefore, easier for the body to burn the fat off. Coconut oil is also capable of lower the fat buildup in the body and sustains insulin action in muscle and fat tissue. As coconut oil helps in balancing blood sugar levels, it is quite beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes.

In addition to these, coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that help those suffering from dermal infections. Its anti-fungal properties offer amazing coconut oil benefits for hair as the rising pollution and unhealthy lifestyle is resulting in people having an itchy, dry scalp.

Coconut oil cons

Cons of coconut oil

Just like everything else in life, coconut oil also has its cons. However, they’re not that dangerous. Take a look.

  • Might cause allergies – If you are sensitive to coconuts, the oil might trigger allergic reactions. It can cause eczema, rashes, nausea, vomiting, hives and even breathing difficulty. So, if you know that you are allergic to coconuts, do not use coconut oil. If you do not know, apply a few drops on a little patch of skin and see what happens. If there are no reactions, you can proceed with its application on your hair and skin.
  • Diarrhea – This is not wholly a con of coconut oil. The thing is that this oil fights bacterial infections inside the body. During this process, side-effects might arise like, diarrhea. This is a short-term side-effect, but you are advised to consume coconut oil in small amounts so that this can be avoided.

So, as you can see, coconut oil is mostly about good effects on hair, skin and your body. If you are still not using coconut oil, it is high time that you should. But, make sure to get separate coconut oil for cooking, hair and skin.

Lockdown Self-Care Tips: How to Get Salon-Like Skin and Hair at Home?

Many of you might be okay with the way you look without the salon touch, but there are many others who are worried skin about when the lockdown will end. Sadly, the coming weeks are the most crucial and there’s no telling when your quarantine life will finally be over. So, hitting the salons is a distant dream at the moment.

Fortunately, there’s so much you can do for your skin and hair sitting at home. Even if you are not the avid-salon-going person, but need to do something to kill time, these home beauty hacks are for you. When you finally step out of your house, you will be Vogue-ready!

So, here are your home self-care remedies.

Drink lots of water – hydration is key to healthy hair and glowing` skin

drinking water for hair and skin glow

Its summer already. Only water can save you from the sweltering heat. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to maintain your skin, hair and overall well-being. By drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily, you will make your skin glow from within and get rid of itchy scalp. Not just water, but you can also drink fruit juices and coconut water. So, start sipping your way to youthful, supple skin and refreshed, healthy hair.

Good old oil massage for your hair

Oil massage for your hair

Maybe, grandma was right all along. All your dull, lifeless hair needs is a good hot oil massage. A lot of hairstylists might shun the use of hair oil altogether, but here’s the thing. Your scalp only gets affected when you put oil on a dirty scalp. If you apply oil on freshly washed hair, your scalp and hair will get all the benefits of the oil. Since there are no meetings or parties that need your attendance now, you can roam around your house with oily hair and there’s no shame in it. Ideally, it is said to leave the hair oil overnight, but if you want, you can leave it for 24-hours.

For hot oil massage treatment, you can use coconut hair oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, amla hair oil or any other oil that you prefer. Just make sure to massage it properly so that the oil gets absorbed by the scalp. The next day, rinse it off using your normal shampoo and conditioner. Your hair is going to look shiny, healthy and feel much softer than before.

For the best results, oil your hair thrice a week. You can heat the oil for hot oil treatment or you can apply the oil as it is.

Honey-saffron/turmeric-milk mask for your skin

Face mask homemade

You might not get your favorite brand of face mask due to the effects of the lockdown. There might be a shortage of supply or you might not get an available delivery slot in Nykaa, BigBasket or Spencers.

What do you do then? You create your own!

A face mask made of honey, saffron and milk is something that can be used every day. However, if you do not have saffron, you can use turmeric. This face mask helps in cleansing the skin of all the dirt and moisturizes it. After you wash off the mask, your skin will feel softer and refreshed.

For this mask, you need:

A teaspoon of honey and raw milk, and a few threads of saffron or a pinch of turmeric

  • Mix it up together and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes or till its dry. Keep the remaining mask to use later.

If you are vegan, you can replace the ingredients with aloe vera gel, a drop or two of any oil (preferably, coconut oil as it suits all skin types) and some red shakkar (jaggery).

Avoid eating processed food for the health of your skin and hair

food for healthy hair and skin

Processed skin is not good for your overall body, including hair and skin. Since you cannot hit the gym and only relying on home exercises, your body is not in a position to break down processed food. Therefore, it is best to avoid it at this time.

During this time, it is best to consume home-cooked, nutritious and less spicy meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. In a short time, you will see your skin and hair healthier than ever before.

Special tips for acne-prone, oily skin

Skin Care Tips

Dr Smriti Naswa Singh who is a Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologist in Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital, suggests the following skincare tips for those who have acne-prone or oily skin:

  • Surely, your skin has gone for a toss. You can use Salicylic acid-based face wash two or three times a day to protect your skin. In case this is not available, you ca also use chandan (sandalwood) or multani mitti (earthen clay) powder or packs. These are known to help with acne. If you don’t get these also, you can create a pack at home using curd and turmeric.
  • If you have active acne, you must not use scrubs. That might lead to bursting the acne and result in scarring and pigmentation. You can apply face packs made of chandan or multani mitti.

Ultimately, you cannot control the virus, the country’s economy or the repercussions of the pandemic that might start to reveal themselves later. But, you can use this lockdown time to nourish your body, skin and hair. Because this too shall pass and when it does, you need to look your best.

4 Awesome Ayurvedic Safety Tips for Skin and Hair for Holi

Indian is perhaps the only nation in the world where Spring festivities witness a series of extravaganza like nowhere else. Come Holi or otherwise known as the Vasant Utsav, the entire country is pumped up to celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show. However, like every year, the aftermath of Holi introduces a series of skin allergies, rashes, occasional hair fall, and much more. Also, this year, when the world is in a state of shock and fear with Covid-19, it becomes all the way more important to play Holi safely. In this post, we take a look at six such Ayurvedic ways to play Holi safely and securely. Read on to find out how.

How to Keep the Colors Away and Off Your Skin

Protecting Your Skin & Hair from Holi Colors

While everyone is enthusiastic about playing with colors, it should be taken into consideration that no matter what, one should never let the colors stick to their skin. Hence, one should take to prepare their skin a day earlier to Holi. Start by applying Mustard or Coconut Oil all over your body. You can do this the night before Holi when you hit the bed or a couple of hours ahead before you head out. Apply the oil in a generous amount all over your hands and face and your hair as well. These are the areas where colors are mostly thrown and stay for long. Applying Coconut or mustard oil shall act as a layer between the color and the skin and also makes it easy to remove the colors later on.

If you are not into applying hair oil, the occasion of Holi is one such day where you ought to make an exception. Hence, start by using a good amount of Coconut Hair Oil. This shall help keep the colors away from reaching the roots of the hair, which is usually the cause of hair fall, as noticed after Holi. After you have removed the colors from your skin, it is necessary that you apply Ayurvedic Body Oil to help replenish the natural glow and shine to your skin.

How to Get Rid Of Hard Colors, the Ayurvedic Way

A majority of colors are prepared from harmful chemicals and substances like glass, acid, and hence they stick to the skin and become really hard to remove. The following are certain measures which can help remove such colors and not damage the skin:

  • Never scrub too hard to remove the color, as this would lead to further damage.
  • For people with sensitive skin, it will only aggravate the condition.
  • Always avoid going out in the sun after the festivities are over.
  • It is quite normal for some color stains to stay behind. Give it some time and continue applying Ayurvedic Body Oil, with regular washing and scrubbing, it should go away on its own.

 Protect Your Eyes and Mouth

playing holi safely

While playing with dry colors is always recommended over water-based colors, dry colors may get into your eyes a lot faster. Hence, if you encounter such a situation, immediately rinse with water. In extreme cases, where you witness redness or swelling, apply Rosewater and lie down for a while. This should relax your eyes and bring down the pressure of eyes to normal levels.

Remedy for Skin Allergies

Apart from Ayurvedic and organic-based colors, the majority of commercially available colors are chemical based and are potentially unsafe. Hence, skin allergies are a common occurrence after the Holi is over. In order to help prevent skin allergies and rashes from occurring, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a face wash and not soap to remove the colors. Also, while washing, never rub vigorously and be gentle as this can further damage your skin.
  • Before your head out to play colors with your family and friends, soak some Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth). When you return, apply the paste to your skin and body to help prevent the rashes from occurring.

Another excellent home remedy is to mix sweet oil, gram flour, and milk cream with rose water. Once the paste is dried, rub it off and use a good moisturizer as a follow-up.

Wrap Up

So, now you know what all needs to be done in order to ensure a safe and happy Holi. While playing colors, it is also recommended that you stay away from getting dipped in pools where others might have taken a plunge earlier. This increases the chances of being contaminated. Hence, one should stay away from such places for good. While we can’t wait to celebrate the festival of colors with great joy, pomp, and show, our heart also goes out to the ones who are affected by Coronavirus. Pray the medical professionals, and scientists soon find a cure to save the world from losing more lives.

Ayurvedic Skincare Hacks for Summer 2020

As summer comes all the way parading in a few days, it brings a gazillion of issues in its trail. Above all, skin problems are plenty ranging from pigmentation, redness, acne, tan and much more. Ayurveda is one such great path of remedy to reverse the odds. Read on to find out how.  

The world of skincare is ever expanding and with science and technology ruling the roost, neo age skin care tactics have proven to be beneficial for one and all. We have witnessed the advent of Chinese techniques of skincare, followed by Japanese and Korean beauty regime that celebrities have been endorsing for quite some time. The new school of thought operates on the notion of higher number of bottles the better is the skincare. Now, the question stands, do you really require so many bottle to up your beauty game? In essence, we look towards Ayurveda to help find a suitable answer to the question. Ayurveda , as well know is a treasure trove of information that brings together the very best of rituals and formulations to set the base right for creating one’s perfect makeup world. Alongside, an Ayurvedic approach also takes care of one’s skin and suggests changes towards one’s lifestyle across important aspects like sleeping pattern, regular nutrition, exercise as well as emotional balance. With the summer season setting in real fast, beauty and skincare aficionados have already started stacking their cabinets with the best of essential skincare elements. Now, if you are one among many who believe in the nourishing and healing power of an ancient science, the goodness of natural herbs and ingredients, Ayurveda’s got your back real good! Further, if you have already had enough of your beauty treatment living on bottles, it’s probably high time to embrace the power and goodness of ancient Ayurveda to be your saviour this season. Here’s a list of skin blessing remedies that you absolutely need to embrace.


If you are looking o reap the very best of your skincare routine, exfoliation is absolutely vital. It not only helps get rid of dead cells but also improves your skin texture. Ayurvedic products like neem, sandalwood, fennel and green gram act as natural defoliators owing to their cleansing properties. As these ingredients function towards cleaning your skin it also help maintain the natural oils that are essential for your skin to stay fresh.


While exfoliation lets your skin breathe to the fullest, your pores would require a good toning session as a follow up. Toning helps in hydration of your skin and offers maximum relaxation for your pores. Jasmine, cucumber, rose water as well aloe vera are great toning agents as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Ensure that you refrigerate such ingredients before you use them for toning of your skin.


No matter who you are or where you stay, you are committing a sin for your skin opting to skip a moisturizer. When summer’s around, it is necessary that you pamper your skin with a host of good and natural elements. Followed by an effective yogurt toning section, moisturizing helps to lock the hydration for good. Honey, Sandalwood Oil, Kasturi Manjal and Chickpea Flour are great Ayurvedic options for optimum moisturizing of your skin. When used regularly, they can give your skin a smooth feel without making it greasier.

Tam Removal

The blazing heat of sun brings in the ill effects of tanned skin. Anytime you feel your skin is tanned by the sun, consider a proper oil massage across your face as well as your body. A diluted combination of neem, and almond oil help soothe damaged skin and also steer clear of bacteria leading to pimples and acne. Additionally, orange peels too function towards de-tanning your skin. Ayurvedic Body Oil is a great choice that brings forth the combination of Neem, Haldi and Aloe Vera to help achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

Remedy for Lips

Like your skin and body, your lips can turn towards becoming pigmented or dark, when left exposed in the sun for long. Treating them with beeswax, Shea butter and mint oil extracts can help to bring hem back to life. While mint functions to nourish your lips and give a protective covering in the face of harsh climate, Shea butter works to restore moisture and improves the overall texture.

So, now that you know the Ayurveda hacks for a glowing and healthy skin, its time you adapt to them soon before the blaze of summer play foul with you. Write to us about your skincare routine during summer time and whether you prefer using Ayurvedic products regularly.

2020 Self Care Resolutions – 7 Things to Consider

If there’s one single philosophy that dominates self-care and grooming regime, it’s gotta be freshness. That’s right! Trying something new or fresh has always been the prime concern when it comes to self-care and grooming. A new haircut, facial hair, or maybe adapting to a new skincare routine can definitely bring about a change in the way you look and feel. With the onset of the New Year, here’s the best time of the year to commit yourself to a new skincare and grooming resolution. While there are plentiful of things to be taken into account, here’s a take on seven such things to consider. 

Starting With Facial Hair

Men's Grooming and Styling  

In the world of grooming and styling, a grooming idol is one who initiates a new style of a haircut or facial hairstyle. In essence, he is the one who is capable of changing the way he looks from one month to another and throughout a year. With facial hair, it’s somewhat a bit of easy task like keeping a moustache or a much fuller beard. When considering sporting a fashionable facial hair, consider shaving certain parts of the scruff like thinning on to your moustache or maybe cut off the bridge that connects it to the beard. Like an artist experimenting, your face resembles a canvas, and you are the painter who decides to throw colors on it to create an impact on the world. If you are keen to experiment with facial hair and feeling adventurous, invest growing a goatee. Trust us. A goatee, when done right, serves to strike a great statement. One such example is Hollywood celebrity actor Brad Pitt, one out of a few folks who have carried the goatee quite gracefully. In case you hate it, you can always shave it off.

Level Up Your Skincare Routine

Facial Mask 

With entertainment-driven content being delivered to audiences over radio and TVs and social media, there’s no denying that by now, one must have learned the significance of cleansing, moisturizing, anexfoliating. This New Year, it’s time to take up skincare level up a notch by considering incorporating a serum for the face, which is all the way more proactive towards offering you a bright and clear complexion. Pair it up with a toner for balancing the oil levels and top it up with face mask (Fruits masks work the best) to help offer optimum nourishment to your skin and also effectively clean the pores. If you are starting, visit a decent parlor, and consider a facial to see the difference it can bring about to your face.

Include SPF as a Part of Your Daily Wear

SPF Moisturizer

No matter what the season of the year is, sun-rays are always harsh to your skin. So, wearing SPF outdoors is extremely important. An SPF 30 moisturizer or even higher ones can offer you a multitude of benefits besides just basic level protection from harmful sun rays. It helps in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines from appearing, skin discoloration, and even skin cancer in some cases. So, if you have been avoiding an SPF all these years, this is the year to include the same to your skincare essentials list, without a miss. While buying an SPF moisturizer, ensure to check on the wide spectrum it covers, for instance, protection for both UVA as well as UVB rays.

Retinol before Bed 


Similar to SPF during the day, Retinol is an excellent product to use before you crash. Retinols are derivatives of Vitamin A and work great to reduce wrinkles, over-sized pores, dark spots, acne, and much more. In other words, they function to keep one’s skin firm and bright. However, a Retinol demands that you work with it through patience at least 90 days before the results start showing. Also, when using Retinol, ensure to clean your face in the morning and apply an SPF without fail. You see, while one can’t control youth for long, there are still a lot of ways to fight the apparent signs of aging for good. 2020 might be the perfect year to book your dermatologist for a visit and discover the best options of Retinol for your skincare.

The Habit of Storing and Replacing 

Toiletries Kit

Hygiene is a significant part of any grooming regimen. If you travel for work frequently, it does matter how one keeps their toothbrush or razor inside their bags. Know how to change your blades after 5-6 shaves and toothbrush after three months or so. Take a good look at your trimmers. Are you oiling and drying the blades from time to time? This year might be your chance to show good you are in taking care of yourself and be more responsible towards tour styling tools and accessories to ensure they deliver great performance over prolonged use.

The Essence of Moisturizing

Cracked Heels

 Sadly, but honestly, the whole concept of skincare has boiled down to facial care only. Having said that, the rest of the skin easily gets ignored by most of us. It’s even more evident during the winter months when one enjoys hot showers more than any other time of the year. So, this New Year, greet the chill by stocking up heavy on moisturizers. Foot creams, body lotions, and oils no matter what do not leave your skin un-moisturized at any cost. Let this be the last year for cracked heels and dry elbows. For added benefits, you might as well resort towards a daily massaging with an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil

 Stocking Multiple Fragrances 

Perfume Bottle

A majority of us have a hard time adapting to a new fragrance besides our signature one. However, this New Year, we are throwing you a cue to spice up things a little bit. Make room for multiple fragrances that cater to different moods and occasions like night outs, flirty, afternoon essence, and others to counter the appeal of your everyday scent. Remember, similar to one’s appearance and dress, the perfume he wears bespeaks his attitude towards life and projects an image accordingly. As you stock up on your fragrances, you will have ample options to play with and set forth different vibe every time you are ready to meet the world. It’s more like offering a glimpse of different dimensions to anyone you sit with or pass closeby.

Easy-To-Follow Ayurvedic Care Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin often refrain us from getting our best feel. However, with a few easy to follow tips from Ayurveda, things do not have to be so bad. Read on to find out more!

Everyone wants smooth and radiant skin. However, as we tend to age, skin turns drier and gives away an irritating feel, especially during the colder months. Moreover, dry skin also tends to develop wrinkles which make us look older. Hence, there’s no arguing that radiant complexion is a sign of good health. As such, dry skin can be due to a number of reasons ranging from malnutrition, exposure to severe temperature, genetic predispositions, medication or sebaceous obstruction.

How Can Ayurveda Fight Dry Skin?

Dry Skin

Ayurvedic principles state how Vata accumulation across our body contributes towards developing dry skin. Mostly, people who are well and above 50 are majorly affected by this problem. When Vata reaches its peak level, it automatically makes way for dry skin and gives one a pale and thin appearance. One of the primary symptoms includes brittle fingernails. Ayurveda stresses on adding moisture to skin in order to fight against dryness. So, it’s necessary that we take care to keep our skin moisturized as a first and foremost remedy of dry skin. Ayurveda has a long list of herbal remedies which when added to your daily routine can enhance the quality of your life. And guess what? One doesn’t have to spend a great deal of money in doing so.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options



A self-massaging therapy for one’s body, Abhyanga is a great antidote for dry skin. The massage mainly uses oils that are used everyday like almond, coconut, castor, and sesame and use them as massage oils and leave it to get absorbed by the skin, just before an hour before the shower. Apart from regular oils, one can also use herbal oils if they plan on doing Abhyanga twice a week. Other oil choices include Apricot kernel oil which can also be applied to your skin just before bedtime to keep your skin supple and improve blood circulation as well as keeping it moisturized.

Daily Maintenance For Skin


Ayurveda recommends including foods in your diet and herbs that work to offer optimum nourishment to your skin, like chamomile & Aloe Vera juice. As a matter of fact, Aloe Vera carries both anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties and helps battle multiple skin problems like dryness, itching, and rashes. Also, one can gain benefits from using products like Sandalwood which is famous for its natural cooling property. Besides, it also functions to take care of acne, inflammation, and pimples and soothes skin when used right after a shower. Just apply it and leave it on your skin. When it dries on its own, rinse it away. For best results, you can also indulge in ayurvedic body massage oil for dry skin.

Lifestyle Changes

Applying Coconut Oil

Using more oil and taking less of a shower is a great Ayurvedic way to fight dry skin problems. When you are looking to take care of your dry skin, use cool water to wash everything as the warm war readily makes your skin dry. Refrain from using soaps that tear away the natural oils from your body. Right after you take a shower, try applying coconut oil and then dab it with a fresh towel.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a Lot of Water

You probably know this already but drinking water lots and lots of it will make you stay hydrated and will ensure your skin also receives the fluid in the right amount. Also, it’s better to drink water that has been at a normal temperature than one that has been refrigerated.

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Taking a balanced diet is of utmost necessary to fight off problems arising due to dry skin. You should have a wholesome diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains for a good dose of vitamins and carbohydrates. Avoid foods that are deep-fried and fast foods as well. Eat a lot of vegetables as well as fruits too which have a high level of water content like, radish, cucumbers, watermelons, and salads as well. Nuts and seeds generally have a high level of oil content which works to improve the appearance of your dry skin. Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts like almonds are a great way to ward of dry skin easily and are a much better way than resorting to store brought products which do more harm than good in the long run. Also, cooking with cow ghee is an excellent idea to offer more fluid to the body and help fight away dry skin for long.

Exercise & Sleep


Nothing beats daily exercise. Exercise keeps the Vata under control and prevents its accumulation within your body. It also boosts one’s metabolism which further leads to better releasing of toxins and improves blood circulation as well. While exercise is important, it is also necessary to get a good amount of sleep. Sleep as we all know is a natural body order to help repair our cells and hence deprivation of it can lead to a lot of unseen problems for your skin as well. Sleep helps your skin breathe more and also keeps your muscles flexible.

Skincare Basics for Women Above 30

Undeniably, it’s a perpetual quest for every woman to aspire towards a shinier and tighter skin. Skin specialists from all over the country report how one of the most asked questions by women is how to achieve gorgeous skin. A majority of these women belong to the age group of 30 and above. In some cases, these are women who also have acne related problems since their teens and now seemingly struggling with the very first sign of wrinkles. While there seems to be no end to stop the ageing process, which is, by all means, is a natural phenomenon, taking good care of the skin goes a long way. Here are a handful of basic tips that every single woman can add to her routine to get the very best results. Read on the find out more.

Food for Your Skin


When you reach your 30’s, it becomes utmost necessary for women to lead a healthy lifestyle. With ageing, your skin turns way more susceptible to several harmful effects that arise out of the poor diet as well as dehydration. Hence, sensible eating and consuming a lot of water and giving up on unhealthy habits like smoking can help your skin to breathe freely. Also, adding vitamins as well as antioxidants like that of Vitamin C and E contribute to reducing the stress that in turn is responsible for ageing. Further, it also stimulates the cells to rejuvenate your skin.

The Right Way to Cleanse

The Right Way to Cleanse


With age, it becomes all the way more important to adopt a proper cleansing routine for your face. If one has oily skin or a combination of dry and oily attributes, one should resort towards using Ayurvedic body oil or any cleanser that is cream-based. Using a cleanser that’s water-soluble also acts as a good makeup remover. A good way to wash your face is by using the coconut water that can also contribute to taking care of minor skin blemishes. While cleansing is not enough, toning is also necessary for perfect shiny skin, it’s always recommended to use an alcohol-free toner and top it up with a weekly scrubbing routine to prevent skin from undue irritation.

Never Ignore Sun Protection

Never Ignore Sun Protection


No matter what age you are, it’s always recommended that you keep your skin protected from the sun.  Direct exposure to the sun tends to make your skin dull and lifeless and takes away the natural glow. Using sunscreen is highly recommended to escape the violent UV rays that cause excessive damage to one’s skin. While it’s good to use a sunscreen that has a higher SPF rating, it’s not always recommended. A standard SPF 30 can do the job real goof if you use it daily whenever you choose to step out in the sun. However, those who have lighter skin will tend to burn faster compared to those who have darker skin tones. Also, resort to using the sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before you move out of your house and if possible keep applying the same at an interval of 3 hours at the minimum. If you have oily skin, always opt for a sunscreen that is gel-based and switch with cream bases as well to heighten the impact. While you choose to apply sunscreen on your face, don’t ignore your hands as they are also equally exposed in the sun when you walk. Interestingly, your hands are the very first place to spot signs of ageing.

Moisturizing is the Keyword

 Moisturizing is the Keyword


When you hit your 30’s, your skin becomes more dry and dehydrated. Hence, you rescue lay in the form of moistures and serums. But, it is of utmost importance that one understands the subtle difference between creams and serums. Creams contain molecules that are much bigger than serums in comparison. In other words, it means a moisturizer can’t seem to penetrate your skin as deep as a serum does. Serums contribute to bringing more nutrients to your skin compared to creams that only work to hydrate the superficially. Anyone who’s reportedly having a particular skin condition like dark spots or pigmentation is more susceptible towards several signs of early ageing.  In such cases, using a serum is highly recommended. On the other hand, if your skin works best with a regular moisturizer, there is no need to switch over to serums.

Using Anti-ageing Creams

Using Anti-ageing Creams


Anti ageing skins typically contain a plethora of active ingredients like that of Peptides, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retinol, CoQ, Vitamin C and a host of other nutrients that work to boost elastin and collagen levels from deep within. Among all such major ingredients, it’s only Retinol that contributes the most for cellular turnover through exfoliation which in turn effectively works to reduce wrinkles lines. Serums that are rich in Vitamin C are also highly recommended to improve one’s complexion and address elasticity issues, hydrate skins and reverse any effects from continuous sun exposure, along with natural skin tone.

Are you someone who’s struggling to better your skin in your 30’s? Please feel free to drop us a line below and follow the above-mentioned tips to gain maximum benefit.

Why Coconut Oil Is A Perfect All Rounder


Coconut Oil is one such offering from Mother Nature that comes loaded with multiple health benefits. Apart from acting as a great source of antidote for hair and skin related issues, it also works to alleviate pain. Coconut oil is extracted from pressing on to dried coconuts which are otherwise referred to as “Mature”. The oil thus extracted has natural benefits like reducing inflammation, anti-fungal properties and help support other processes of the body across a wide range of options. Although the evidence of the benefits of coconut oil is not on a definitive platform, a lot has been said and written about it and has been extensively touched upon across a wide range of studies and researches put together.

What’s so good about coconuts for pain?

It’s important to know the composition and structure of coconut oil. Primarily, it is saturated fat almost 80 percent which again comprises chiefly of Medium Chain Triglycerides or better known as fatty acids compares to longer chains that most of us tend to consume through our diet on a regular basis through other foods. Long-chain fatty acids demand to be broken down before your body can absorb them. As such, Medium Chain Triglycerides are found extensively in Coconut Oil which also contains fewer counts of calories compared to counterparts (long-chain fatty acids).

The most vital Medium Chain Triglycerides comprises of more than 50 percent saturated fats in the shape of Lauric Acid. It helps to convert itself into a component called Monolaurin that is rich in monoglyceride. It is looked upon as a powerful source to fight germs which in turn can be hugely effective against a large number of viruses, protozoa, and bacteria. Now, Lauric Acid can’t be directly accredited imparting a wide range of benefits that coconut oil generally has to offer, a study dating back to 2015 actually vouches for the same.

Immune system boost

Coconut oil comprises two very special ingredients that make it exceedingly good for boosting the immunity system–Lauric & Caprylic Acid. Both these components readily fight viruses and overgrowth of yeasts like candida along with other infections caused by bacterial overgrowth. Anyone who is looking to boost their immune system can also include Coconut oil in their diet.

For Ultimate Pain Relief

Coconut oil readily works to reduce inflammation across your joints and muscles. A study that was published in a journal called Pharmaceutical Biology depicted how the use of virgin coconut oil has can work towards offering relief from pain owing to its analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The high presence of lauric acid is what contributes towards reducing inflammation which in turn works to reduce pain to a great extent. Multiple studies have indicated that coconut oil extracts were effective to the same line of Indomethacin which is a popularly prescribed drug for healing pain.  Besides acting as a temporary cure for pain, coconut oil also carries certain inflammatory properties that have been found to treat more serious health conditions like for instance Arthritis. There are a lot of people who tend to take in medications for pain resorting to prescription drugs, even chronic diseases can be cured with the help of natural elements like coconut oil to ease the condition. Moreover, coconut oil is a much-preferred mode of treatment as it’s easily available and is often looked at as an alternative form of low-cost treatment. Coconut Oil when applied topically also helps to increase blood supply to the area that’s affected by arthritis thus helping to reduce any swelling or pain that’s localized. Apart from arthritis, people who also suffer chronic joint pains and conditions like fibromyalgia can also gain benefit from regular and topical application and massage of coconut oil.

Fast energy booster

 Coconut Oil is also believed to be a great source of energy when it becomes a part of your daily diet. Time and again, coconut oil imparts energy and strength when you are feeling low of bogged down.  It is due to the presence of Medium Chain Triglycerides that offers fast metabolism and cuts through fat calories thus converting them to energy for your body. Also, regular application of coconut oil can help to deal with issues like body cramps by increasing the blood flow across the affected areas. Hence, a good massage is always recommended when you are considering using coconut oil for topical application.

7 Skincare mistakes to avoid at all cost



We all have our personalised skincare routine set up! Don’t we?! Our tried and tested methods passed on from an elder sister, or mom just works fine! Other than just simple CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising), a vivid new range of products dealing with specific skin type and concern promote an additional activity to your routine. Nowadays, influencers, beauty bloggers or so-called beauty gurus share their DIY remedies, review recently launched products and give away tips for healthy skin. Such videos go viral within a few hours. It has become a copious blunder on the internet today! No doubt, this content educates you on your skincare but confuses you even more. Also, we need to know that every skin is different, and it reacts differently to the same stuff.

Skin is said to be an essential element of our body. It is prominently affected by even the slightest weather change. And therefore, skincare must be in everyone’s routine. Most of us know the seriousness of the matter and try to keep up with it. Although, sometimes we perform silly mistakes that might harm our skin or deteriorate the skin’s quality. Here, we have articulated the common mistakes we make during our skincare routine and ways to avoid it.

#1 Not cleansing properly


Some of us wear heavy makeup, while others do a basic one. Either way, cleansing is an inevitable part of skincare. Washing off your make up is crucial. If the makeup stays on your face for too long, it blocks your pores, causes rashes, premature ageing, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, etc. All of this can promote long-lasting side effects. Eye makeup if not removed properly, can cause irritations and eye problems. So one better not get lazy now than regret later. Wash and cleanse your face with the right products suiting your skin type. All types of makeup wipes, micellar water, toners, and foamy cleansers are available in the market. Choose wisely and regularly use for healthier skin. This simple habit goes a long way.

#2 Not using moisturisers on Oily skin type.

This is the most common fallacy amongst us. Moisturisers hydrate our skin and help it maintain a soft nourish. Skipping this process on an oily skin type will only cause the skin to produce more oil by overcompensating it. The key here is to choose the correct moisturiser. Many water-based, oil-free, non-sticky formulas are available in the market, especially for such skin type. Debunk this stigma, go ahead and hydrate your skin!

#3 Using the wrong makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are a blessing in disguise for instant and hassle-free cleansing or removing stubborn makeup. But what we miss to notice is that some wipes contain a substantial amount of alcohol, chemicals and strong preservatives which can be very harsh on our skin. On top of it, they are not eco-friendly at disposal. There are various alternatives and chemical-free natural, organic makeup removal formulas available in the market. Keeping all this in mind, choose your wipes wisely.

#4 Failing to cleanse your neck

Come on now, admit it!

When it comes to skincare, we often concentrate on our face and neglect the neck area. This also includes your shoulder, hairline, ears, etc. The skin on your neck is susceptible and delicate and needs to be taken care of just like your face. So don’t forget to cleanse your neck and upper chest area.

#5 Overusing scrubs

Sure, scrubs deep clean your pores, exfoliating the dead skin cells and give a nice finish to your face. But, this should not imply that scrubbing needs to be done frequently. Over scrubbing can cause skin rashes, redness, triggers breakouts, and even shedding of skin flakes. So, be aware that you scrub after proper intervals.

#6 Too much sunscreen

There is nothing like too much sunscreen! Sunscreen should be applied deliberately (as every sunscreen instruction suggests) and re-applied after a few hours. Sunscreen should be mandatory no matter what skincare regime you follow. A good SPF helps you safeguard your delicate skin from UV Rays and the harsh humid sun. Some also say that it is okay to skip sunscreens in winter. DEFINITELY NOT! In fact, they should be used even if you stay indoors or sit in front of a computer/ mobile/ TV. The rays emitted from them are harmful to your skin and can dull down your natural glow.

Additionally, some ladies use products with SPF. Regardless of SPF present in them, its efficiency decreases because of the blend. So, do not ever skip sunscreen during your skincare routine.

#7 Neglecting the ingredients present in your products.

One should be utmost careful about what composition will go on their faces before buying a product. Firstly, one should understand their own skin and face. What is your skin type, are you allergic to specific chemicals/ ingredients, or are these ingredients safe for your skin? We should bear such basic knowledge of all these small but essential things. It is advised to go for more organic, vegan, paraben-free products which are low in chemical proportions.

Be informed and aware of what your skin needs. These small mistakes can sometimes cause unwanted issues to your skin. So from now on, be more mindful with your skincare regime and flaunt your beauty.

Remarkable Ways to Use Body Oil as a Skincare Element


In the market of different creams and lotions, people hardly acknowledge the significance of body oil. It is unfortunate for those who are unaware of the benefits of this natural beauty product. Body oil can do wonders to your skin when it comes to proper nourishment and improvement. However, there are different types of body oil available in the market, such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and more. Each of this possesses unique benefits that one must experience to improve the quality of her skin. Please note that for body and face use you must choose oil differently. If you want to know how body oil can help you to improve your skin, then stay tuned till the end.


Notable usage of body oil


Body oil


  • Body oil: Using exotic body oil helps your skin to remain moisturized the whole day. For fast results, you can apply body oil after taking the morning shower. Standard body oil heals the cells, nourishes your skin, and protects it for further dryness. However, for the best outcome start with the areas that needs extra hydration such as knees and elbows. Apart from this, quality body oil always helps to remove your stretch marks, when applied properly.


Coconut oil


  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is perhaps the best oil to date for both skin and hair care routine. If you want to keep your skin moisturized and glowing, then there is nothing compared to coconut oil. This soothing natural oil always heals the cracked cells and repairs the dryness forever. It is to be noted that you should not apply coconut oil to your face as it can generate pimples and acne.


  • Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil: After a busy day, you must take a body massage when your muscles are tired and tight. The application of massage oil is not that easy. There are some precise strokes of hand that works well on the body cells to revive them. It will give you a better solution if you hire any professional to apply the body massage oil in the right way.


Olive oil


  • Olive oil: Olive oil is very much beneficial to the skin as it abounds in a huge variety of minerals and vitamins. This keeps your skin soft, shiny, and moisturized. People generally prefer olive oil due to its non-allergic nature. No matter what your skin type is, you won’t face any allergic issues or other mentionable side effects after applying olive oil. However, if you are having trouble with your dry skin, then olive oil is your only solution.


Shea butter oil


  • Shea butter oil: This particular type of oil is prepared from the bark of Shea tree in the African region. This product abounds in vitamins that nourish your skin and keep it glowing for long. The mass highly prefers Shea butter oil as it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction after the application. On the other hand, for a super-fast result, you can mix Shea butter oil with olive oil and coconut oil.


Almond oil


  • Almond oil: Almond oil is prepared from almond, as the name says. You can apply this light oil on your face and can have flawless skin. This oil comes with several health benefits, and hence, it is highly demanded. However, almond oil tends to trigger allergic reactions; for this reason, it is wise to consult a dermatologist before applying.


Jojoba oil


  • Jojoba oil: This is another skin healing oil originated from south-western US and Mexico. This oil is prepared from the seeds of jojoba plant by the American tribes. Jojoba oil is always on high demand due to its non-allergic nature and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from offering extreme benefits to the skin, this oil is an expert in healing the cells too.


Sunflower seed oil


  • Sunflower seed oil: Sunflower seed oil is abounding in vitamin E that moisture your skin and keeps it smooth for long. This nourishes your skin and heals the cracked cells with care. However, the sunflower seed oil is primarily for people suffering from dry skin. Moreover, it causes neither side effect nor any allergic reaction; hence, you can apply it without consulting any skin specialist.


Grape seed oil


  • Grape seed oil: Grapeseed oil is not that popular in the market as only fewer people know its use. However, it causes no allergic reaction on the skin and keeps inflammation and microbes away. If you are looking for body oil, then you can give it a try.


In the end, to have glowing skin, it is always wise to apply quality body oil that nitrifies your skin and keep it healthy for long. In fact, along with the application of massage oil, you must undergo thorough body massage by professionals, to maintain your skin young. All in all, love yourself and stay beautiful because you are worth it.