Sleep Research Industry Vouches on The Goodness Of Ayurveda

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Sleep and Ayurveda have had a connection for a long time. However, the options to explore the realm have been away from the threshold. As such, it calls for a change in lifestyle embracing a sleep routine to your daily life. Sleep, as well know is one of the greatest primary needs of a human body which enables one to recharge themselves and rejuvenate to maintain overall good health. With tension and stress topping our charts in our daily lives, quality sleep is one thing that we are being constantly deprived of. Individuals who suffer from chronic diseases are often found to experience disturbances in sleep or lack of sleep in general. Of late, the sleep research industry has been increasingly vouching for Ayurveda to help people put on leash on their irregular lifestyle for good. As such, the implementation of Ayurveda in daily life has been effective enough to clam the mind and the body as well. Today, as everyone is looking o harness the benefits of Ayurveda in their lives, sleep research industry is definitely a frontrunner. Here’s a look at what Ayurveda can do in terms of sleep and how the researches are banking on the same. 

Using Essential Oils 

Essential Oils 


Rose and Jasmine extracted essential oils and adding the same while taking a shower seems to impart a feeling of relaxation before one hits the bed. According to Ayurvedic principles, both negative and positive traits of a healing process have a vital role to play. However, an excess of negative energy leads to restlessness and uneasy feeling in and around your body. Regular use of products like Ayurvedic Jasmine Hair Oil has worked exceedingly well to bring back the lustre and strengthen one’s hair. The lingering smell of jasmine is also known to have a calming effect on nerves and helps to reduce stress effectively. Reportedly, the use of scented candles beside other essential oils has also been on a rise by people in their bedrooms.

Body Massage

Body Massage


Massages hold a great deal of significance in the study of Ayurveda. According to the principles of this ancient medical science, ghee is seemingly the best substance for messaging as it readily functions to keep one’s body cool and calm. Besides, it also ushers in oleation and hydration and the cooling nature of ghee contributes to a proper balance of Vatta and Pitta. If you don’t like applying ghee to your body, you might opt for an alternate product like Ayurvedic Body Oil which is a great choice for regular massage needs. Apart from the body, you can also use Ayurvedic Coconut Hair Oil to continue the massage therapy for one’s scalp as well.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises 

Ayurveda recommends that one should practise regular breathing exercises (Anulom Vilom) to reduce and attain a proper balance for Vatta across the two hemispheres of the brain. Also, when one concentrates on his breathing it soothes and calms the nerves and accounts for god circulation of blood. Thus, such exercises are preferably done in the morning for a healthy start to one’s day. However, if you have to leave your house for work early in the morning, you might as well do the same after you return home. This shall not only help distress you but also offer fast relief from mild headaches, tension-filled breaths and buzzing mind and lure you to a deep and peaceful slumber. While we lay maximum stress on sleep research and innovation, companies like Nod and Wink has already embarked on their ambitious project of developing an Ayurvedic mattress known as JIVA which is infused with the goodness of lavender and other natural elements. Also, the mattress uses memory foam which is made up of ground oils of Indian roots.

 Wrap up

There is no denying the endless energy and excitement that companies within the sleep research industry have embarked upon. As people crave for more sound sleep, these organizations are increasingly turning towards instilling the fervour of Ayurveda and its principles, touching and changing one and all lives. In essence, the trend will only function to grow as people become more aware of the goodness of using organic products and new ways of self-induced sleep patterns. In years to come, we can only expect to witness a slew of innovative products that are imbibed with Ayurvedic principles for good.


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