The Fate of Consumer Ayurvedic Products amidst Current World Scenario

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It’s almost like watching a Hollywood production on the theme of Apocalypse. Streets are empty, hotels and restaurants are vacated, offices and schools are on lockdown. In other words, pandemonium at full spree; courtesy novel coronavirus. After China, where it all began, Italy seems to be the most affected nation and other parts of Europe. Comparatively, India has shown great resilience towards fighting the disease. However, more than 100 cases have already been reported and many are being admitted in hospital under suspicion. With the rising number, Indian consumers are increasingly turning towards using Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic ways to boost immunity. The Ministry of Ayurveda, Unani, Ayush, Yoga and Naturopathy and Sowa Rigpa have already issued recommendations advising the public, possible treatments of Corona under the ambit of Ayurvedic science. Although, allopathic practitioners believe that Ayurvedic products wouldn’t be able to stop the spread of the virus unless supported by other medicinal drugs. No matter what, there’s no denying that COVID-19 has ushered a wave of positivity for consumer Ayurvedic products with rising demand to keep oneself safe and secure. So, what does this mean for consumer products? Is it only a temporary boost in sales figures or could it be a total game-changer for the current economic scenario? Let’s find out.

Glory Days for Chawayanprash and Sanitizers

Reportedly, leading pharmaceutical companies in India along with come-of-age Ayurvedic health brands witnessed a huge surge in sales post coronavirus outbreak. Products like honey, herbal tea. Chawyanprash which is believed to boost immunity is selling like hotcakes. Essentially, such products usually sell heavy during the initial months of the year like Jan and Feb, when a greater part of the country experiences winter. However, post the coronavirus outbreak sales figure took a positive hit beginning end of Feb and continuing all the way down to March when more cases sprang up. Beside Ayurvedic products, health supplements and vitamins are also increasingly being sold over the counter. There is no denying the fact the people are scared and that is exactly what is driving them to invest in products, no matter what. Products that are being marketed at boosting immunity are increasingly replacing those that are aimed to rejuvenate skin or bring shine and volume to one’s hair. Previously, people wanted to look good over feeling good. Now, the scenario has reversed.

Apart from Ayurvedic consumer products, protective agents like hand sanitizers and their sales are topping the charts like never before. They are in fact one of the highest-selling consumer products in the past two months, to the extent of running out of stock at several outlets. What’s interesting to note that as prominent brands and their sanitizing products run out of stock, several local companies have opted with their offering. Immunity tablets also report a good number of sales all across the country especially in states like Delhi, Up, Haryana and Punjab where multiple cases of coronavirus have been reported. By all means, the thrust of demand for immunity boosting products is mainly concentrated around the northern part of the country.

The Effectiveness of The Products

Now, while the flock is marching towards buying products at random spree, it’s worthwhile to consider the very effectiveness of such products. At the base level, these products are known and identified to boost immunity. However, it’s still far from being established if they can put up a wall or barrier against coronavirus infection. As such, many companies have also issued an official statement expressing how they don’t want the consumers to live under a make-believe cloud of complacency. Instead, they are harping on a list of guidelines that anyone can adapt to for steady hygiene. For instance, washing their hands with hand wash liquids and sanitizers after they touch metal objects, visit to public places and staying indoors when any of the symptoms occur. Desi remedies like Ayurvedic tea with a mix of Tulsi and Ginger are recommended to help people boost their immunity level. Especially, for kids and adults falling under the age bracket of 60-70 years. Anyone with a history of diseases like hypertension or diabetes is more likely to be affected by the virus. While Ayurvedic products are being looked at a plausible solution to fight the situation, in the long run, the intervention from a medicinal drug will be needed to put things under control.

Back in January, AYUSH released a public advisory where they laid stress on Ayurvedic products, Homeopathy and Unani as a preventive way to fight outbreaks like Corona. Alongside this, it also included guidelines issued by WHO, requesting people to wash their hands with handwash and sanitizers and use masks to prevent infection. A list of Ayurvedic herbs was also mentioned which could boost the general immunity of people at large. Many Ayurvedic companies in India believe that AYUSH and its holistic approach is the key to prevent further spread of corona until the medical researchers find a permanent cure. In essence, Ayurvedic products and their continued usage shall not only help to avoid causative factors but build a wall of immunity in the face of other outbreaks as well in the future.

Wrap Up

These are troubled times and the only way to sail through is being patient. While a large part of the world is affected by Corona, it does make the other part responsible to adopt preventive measures, in any way they deem preferable. Staying indoors, washing hands, using tissues and masks, avoid going out in public are simple steps that ring a bell of hope in the long run. Immunity might not be able to save one. However, being immune can do a lot to stop spread the disease further.

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