The Secret Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair You Didn’t Know About

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The Secret Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Are you on a hush-hush mission to find secret gems for your hair care routine? The answer might be closer than you think! 

No, your hair doesn’t need chemical-filled hair care solutions that are flooded in the market. You need to stop getting influenced by celebrity-endorsed TV ads and listen to what International hairstylists like Stephanie Brown and Cynthia Alvarez feel about the all-miracle oil found in every Indian household. 

If you guessed coconut oil, you would be correct. 

Technically, coconut oil is not hidden, and it is not a secret ingredient. In India and abroad, coconut oil is used for cooking and moisturizing dry skin during the winters. But did you know it can make your hair longer, thicker, and shinier? Coconut hair oil is the secret behind your grandmother’s long, lovely locks of hair, and it is high time that you focus your attention on adding this ubiquitous oil to your hair care. Your hair will thank you for it!

Now, continue reading to know some of the amazing benefits of coconut oil, and you’ll understand why it’s regarded as a magical ingredient and the best-kept hair care secret. 

Extraordinary things coconut oil can do for your hair 

  • Protects hair from all kinds of damage 

Protection of hair from damage

Coconut oil for natural hair penetrates the hair’s cuticles, the outer layer covering and protecting your hair. Your hair gets enriched with lauric acid, and the protein structure of your hair is strengthened and restored. 

Regularly applying coconut oil will prevent the cuticle from getting damaged, and you will not face problems like split ends and hair breakage. 

If you didn’t know, it’s the hair cuticle responsible for letting oil and water in and out of the fiber of your hair. So, for silky and smooth hair, apply a few drops of coconut oil and show your cuticles some tender loving care. 

Besides strengthening your hair cuticles, coconut hair oil is responsible for protecting your hair from sun damage. Before going to the beach or anywhere sunny, ensure to generously apply a coating of coconut oil so that the sun’s UV rays don’t damage your hair. 

What’s more, coconut oil protects hair from chlorine water, and before dying your hair, apply coconut oil to keep your hair quality intact. 

  • Coconut hair oil conditions and smoothens hair 

 hair oil benefits

When it comes to retaining moisture, coconut hair oil is unparalleled. It contains lauric acid, is absorbed quickly in the hair shaft and offers numerous minerals and vitamins. Your hair will seem naturally moisturized, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on store-bought conditioners. 

  • Leverage its amazing antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities 

dandruff remove oil

Dandruff? Don’t let dandruff embarrass you when you wear black clothes or want to keep your hair open. Coconut oil is a great defense against this notorious hair problem because of its antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, the oil can help fight against viral and bacterial infections because it has antibacterial properties. It means you can apply coconut oil when you’re struggling with a lice problem. 

  • Coconut oil can fulfill your thick hair dreams 

Hair oiling

Before shampooing or washing your hair, applying a dollop of coconut oil can lubricate the hair strands, and it will help your hair withstand all the abrasion that comes from grooming and washing. So, your hair will not break. 

Also, when you massage coconut oil properly, it removes sebum from the scalp and paves the way for the oil to penetrate deep inside the hair follicles. The result? You will have thicker hair. It is even said that massaging coconut oil augments blood flow to the scalp and helps in creating a pleasant environment for your hair to flourish. 

  • People with naturally oily hair can benefit from coconut oil

coconut oil benefits for hair

One of the biggest myths surrounding coconut hair oil is people with naturally oily hair shouldn’t use the oil. It is false because natural oil or sebum is different from coconut oil. Coconut oil protects hair and improves scalp health with its anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why people with oily hair should also start using coconut oil to fulfill their hair dreams. 

What makes coconut hair oil different from other hair oils?

How is coconut oil different from other oils?

A lot of people wonder what makes coconut oil different from other hair oils available on the market. For starters, coconut oil has been around for centuries, and it was a part of hair care routines. It has helped many women have longer, voluminous, and silkier hair throughout the years. Today, coconut oil is used internationally, and people across the globe are going gaga over the amazing benefits of this oil for hair. Additionally, coconut oil is also great for your skin, and you can even cook with it. 

Next, KMP coconut oil can nourish the hair by penetrating deep and moisturizing the hair strands. After you’ve used coconut oil for a few weeks, you’ll notice the difference yourself. As you touch your hair, it’ll feel smoother and softer. 

Coconut oil even maintains the scalp’s pH balance, and its main ingredient, lauric acid, has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. So, you can forget about lice, dandruff, and other bacterial hair problems when you’re applying coconut oil regularly. 

In summation, coconut oil is a miracle oil that single-handedly solves hair problems and promotes scalp health. It ensures hair is protected against UV rays, chlorine, pollution, and hair treatments related to coloring and heat treatments. It is one oil that can make all your hair problems disappear if you apply it diligently and maintain a routine. Moreover, coconut oil doesn’t irritate, and everyone can use it unless you are allergic to coconut or don’t like the smell. 

Coconut oil can be applied before going to bed or as a pre-shampoo routine, and you can even apply it after washing your hair as a conditioner. For further pampering your hair, you can create a hair mask or warm the oil and mix it with other hair oils for better results like almond oil, amla oil, or jasmine oil. 

The bottom line: Should you use coconut oil for your hair?

reasons to use coconut oil

The answer is a resounding yes. You must try coconut oil before negating it entirely. Hairstylists and even international celebrities are calling coconut oil the elixir for all hair problems. So, could you not say no until you’ve tried it? 


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