The Why, How to Use, Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Hair Oil

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If you had to choose your favorite haircare product, it would be an impossible task. But, irrespective of the products that you list, hair oil will definitely be on that list. After all, when everything fails, hair oil comes to the rescue.

From environmental factors like, pollution and heat to lifestyle habits, such as over-washing, brushing rigorously and hair coloring, your mane goes through a lot of trauma. Fortunately, oiling always works. Oiling your hair on a daily basis can boost your hair’s health, strengthen and nourish it, and add a shine to it like no other treatment.

So, here is a lowdown on hair oils because your haircare arsenal simply cannot do without this magic potion.

Why use hair oil?

Usage of Hair Oil


You might wonder why you need to use hair oil since you are already visiting the salon and using a bunch of other haircare products. One of the main reasons for oiling your hair is that your hair is alive and healthy due to the natural oils that your sebaceous glands secrete. Without this, your hair would be dry, brittle and dead. It will start to break through the surface of your scalp.

The outer cuticle of your hair is lubricated with oil and this strengthens the inner core by providing it the moisture it requires to keep the bonds strong.

Yes, it’s true that everyone’s hair and scalp is different. Your scalp might be oilier than others. Your hair problems might be different from others. This is where you need to carefully choose your hair oil. Don’t just walk in a store and pick up the first bottle that you see. Assess your hair quality, hair needs and hair problems before purchasing hair oil. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can use coconut hair oil as this oil suits all hair types and this oil has been around since times immemorial.

What are the best ways to use hair oil?

The best ways to use hair oil


  • Use it for adding sheen to your hair: If you have thin hair, it is best to not go overboard using styling products. Instead of weighing down your hair using different products, you can use a lightweight oil like, coconut or amla hair oil. This will help to add shine to your hair and turn your dry hair into silky strands.


  • Use it before you shampoo your hair: You can use hair oil as a pre-shampoo treatment so that your hair is moisturized and soft before washing. Oiling your hair before shampoo helps in retaining the natural oils that the scalp releases.


  • Use it to detangle your hair: If you have curly hair or you haven’t had the time to brush your hair and you came home to tangled hair, simply apply oil and start combing gently. Even if your hair feels tangled after shampooing, you can apply a few drops of oil to your wet hair and slowly detangle hair using a wide-tooth comb. This will prevent hair breakage.


  • Use hair oil as a DIY spa treatment: There’s no need to spend on a fancy spa treatment when you have the perfect hair oil. You can get a spa-like experience at home by applying hair oil and wrapping a warm towel around your head for thirty minutes. Then, rinse your hair well and get smoother, softer hair.


Other ways you can use hair oil is before blow-drying your hair, to tame frizz and before using curling or flat iron.

Do’s and Don’ts of hair oil

Applying Hair Oil


  • Don’t comb your hair immediately after applying hair oil. Wait for your scalp to get relaxed. Then, start combing from the tips and gently make your way to the top. This will not just help to detangle your hair, but also evenly spread the oil on your scalp and strands.


  • Don’t go out after you have oiled your hair. Oiled hair collects dirt easily and this gets mixed with the natural oils of the scalp. So, make sure to apply oil on freshly washed hair and it is best if you apply it overnight. Before stepping out of your house, rinse the oil off using your regular shampoo. Since you are cooped in your home due to the coronavirus lockdown, you can oil your hair anytime now.


  • Do massage the oil properly so that your scalp absorbs it readily and you can immediately see the wonderful effects of the oil.


  • Do heat up the oil to give your hair hot oil treatment for better relaxation. Hot oil treatment boosts hair growth and rejuvenates dull hair.

What are the best hair oils?

The best hair oils


The very best hair oil, as mentioned above, is coconut hair oil. This hair oil suits everyone and does not have any side-effects. It is good for women, men and even children. This hair oil is readily available and it is quite affordable. Almost every Indian household has a bottle of coconut oil. Other than this hair oil, the others that you can consider are:

  • Argan oil – best for frizzy, dry hair
  • Almond oil – perfect oil for those who have dandruff problem
  • Amla oil – best for boosting the health and growth of hair
  • Castor oil – known for stimulating hair growth


Take care of your hair because it is the most important part of the way you look. It is the most noticeable part of your body and can set the tone for your overall personality and appearance. Start using hair oil religiously so that your hair can withstand the regular trauma of dust, pollution and styling products.

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