Using Ayurvedic oil for joint pain – Your complete guide

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Joint pain is a debilitating condition and can be your worst nightmare. It can creep up on you as an unwanted guest during cold monsoons, chilly winters, or old age. Since joints are an extremely important part of your body and their health determines your level of flexibility, you cannot take your joints for granted. 

Just imagine being unable to complete simple, daily chores or activities because of excruciating joint pains. Not being able to sit, stand, pick up weight, walk, bend, and so on. It can be frustrating!

Dr. Yatindra Kharbanda, Orthopedic Surgeon, Senior Consultant, Apollo Hospital, Delhi says that to make sure that your joints are healthy, you have to take care of two things – eating habits and exercise. You must keep your weight in check while keeping your joints and muscles fit. You must also pay close attention to your posture and make sure that you don’t slump. As now most people are working from home, people should be extra careful of their posture and ensure that they’re not bending too much or sitting for long hours in front of their laptops. 

While you must follow Dr. Kharbanda’s advice and also make it a habit to practice yogic asanas regularly, there are going to be times when you look for instant ways to relieve your joint pain. At such times, you can rely on Ayurvedic pain oil to help alleviate your pain. The reasons why Ayurvedic pain balm or oil is the most reliable is discussed later, but first, take a look at the reasons for your joint pain. 

The common causes of joint pain 

Joint pain refers to aches, discomfort, and soreness in any of the body’s joints. It is a common complaint and doesn’t typically require a hospital visit, but the pain can significantly impact the quality of your life. Here, some of the common causes of joint pain are – 

  • Arthritis – Arthritis is one of the most common causes and there are primarily two types of arthritis – RA or rheumatoid arthritis and OA or osteoarthritis. OA is most common in 40+ adults and the condition mostly affects the knees, wrists, hips, and hands. The condition progresses slowly. RA mainly affects women than men and it can cause inflammation, pain, and fluid buildup in the joints.

While this is the main reason, joint pain can also be caused by – 

  • Gout
  • Rickets 
  • An injury or sprain 
  • Tendinitis or inflammation of the tendons 
  • Overuse of the joints
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Old age
  • Accident 
  • Bone depletion
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Certain infectious diseases like influenza, mumps, and hepatitis 
  • Bursitis 
  • Cancer 

Even though some joint problems are more severe than others, the potential damage, pain, and discomfort that each of them causes can impact your everyday life. It can prevent you from completing simple tasks and along with physical ache, it can even cause mental agony and irritation. For thousands of years, people have been searching for medicines and remedies that can help them deal with joint problems. Medicines are available in the form of allopathy and you can also maintain a healthy lifestyle for controlling the pain. But, when the pain is too much and unbearable, you can get relief by locally applying Ayurvedic pain balm or oil. 

Ayurveda has been around in India for centuries and Ayurvedic remedies focus on overall wellness and health without causing any side effects. The efficacy of Ayurvedic therapeutic oils is well-known and their demand is growing every day across the globe. According to Ayurveda, you can deal with pain by balancing your doshas (Kapha, Pitta, and Vata). 

Reasons to use Ayurvedic pain oil or balm 

  • Ayurvedic pain relievers are made of natural extracts 

Scared of side effects? Do painkillers make you feel woozy? You can turn to use Ayurvedic pain balm in India or pain oil. These are natural formulations prepared from ingredients that are available in nature. You will find extracts like Eucalyptus oil, Bringaraj oil, Wintergreen oil, Neem oil, and so on. These oils are known for their soothing and relaxing properties. So, when you apply the pain oil and massage it gently, you can feel your muscles relaxing within a few minutes. Your joint pain will start to disappear and you can continue with your chores. 

You can also apply the pain oil regularly before going to bed or when you wake up. This will help to prevent joint pain and keep your joint problems under control. 

  • Quick relief without any side-effects 

Ayurvedic pain oil or balm is known to aid in quicker recovery. Whether you have injured your muscles, joints, or bones, you can simply apply the balm locally and give it few minutes to get absorbed through your skin. Pain will be alleviated quickly. 

  • Helps to improve blood circulation 

Whenever you apply pain oil or balm, you have to massage that area gently. This aids in better circulation of blood. When the circulation of blood is enhanced in targeted areas, the pain, inflammation, or stiffness disappears fast and also you can enjoy relief for much longer hours. 

  • Overall relaxation is guaranteed 

If you know anything about Ayurveda, you would know that this branch of alternative medicine doesn’t only focus on treating the problem at hand but solving the root cause of the problem. Ayurvedic pain oils promote the self-healing of tissues, joints, muscles, and bones. The wonderful aroma of the oils helps to stimulate the senses and offer relaxation to the mind and the body. You might even feel reinvigorated after massaging the oils properly. 

Have you ever used Ayurvedic pain balm or oil? If not, give it a try. Made from completely natural ingredients, it will not interfere with your allopathic treatment and not cause any side effects. You can start by locally applying the balm or oil and gradually start applying it regularly and massaging it.

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