What Makes an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Different From An Alcohol-Free One?

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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer v/s Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Even though hand sanitizers have existed around us for a while, their importance is now recognized more than ever. The ongoing pandemic has reminded us of the basic hygiene habits which all of us were anyway supposed to be following all our lives. The best way to protect ourselves from novel coronavirus is by keeping our hands clean and wearing a mask. While health professionals suggest that washing our hands with soap and water thoroughly is the ideal way to clean our hands, it is not always possible to do so when outdoors. In such situations, hand sanitizers are our best and only option. But hold on! Using just any sanitizer does not help. Not knowing the content of a sanitizer before using it can have the opposite effect and rather than protecting your hands it can cause more damage to them. Currently, the Indian market is flooded with sanitizers ranging from low to high prices. Most sanitizers are either alcohol or non-alcohol based. Studies have shown that hand sanitizers with alcohol are the best choice because it is the alcohol present in them that helps kill the germs present in your hand. They are also preferred due to their extended longevity power. This doesn’t necessarily mean that non-alcohol based sanitizers are no good. They too can protect your hands without leaving them dry like sandpaper. To know more about these two kinds of hand sanitizers, continue reading!

Everything about Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

what makes an Alcohol-based hand sanitizer effective is the alcohol content in them. Most of them contain 60%-95% quantity of alcohol and It is this property which lets these sanitizers claim that they kill 99.9% germs. Places that see a lot of human traffic or have a lot of ill patients such as hospitals, nursing homes and offices and malls use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as it gets the job done perfectly and quickly. The alcohol in the hand sanitizers is responsible for making the hand feel fresh and eliminating the germs on the surface of the hand. Their compact size makes them travel friendly and so they can easily be carried around without causing any inconvenience. Not only alcohol hand sanitizer kills germ from your hands but also protect you against harmful flu causing viruses. Due to the low boiling point of these types of sanitizers they evaporate easily thereby making sure that they don’t linger on your hands for too long. Sometimes, applying alcohol hand sanitizer too frequently can also dry up your hands. If you too face similar issues, then consider using a moisturizer after the hand sanitizer has dried up to make sure your hands are soft again. Also, remember to only use a pea-size amount and not a lot. Using too much hand sanitizer does not mean it will kill more germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are extremely flammable so never go near flame after applying it. People often meet with fire accidents in the kitchen when they go to cook after applying this kind of hand sanitizer. If you want to clean your hands before cooking then use soap and water instead.

Everything about Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

As already mentioned, the alcohol content in hand sanitizer is the key component. Therefore sanitizers that are alcohol-free do not perform as good as alcohol-based ones. They cannot kill the germs as effectively and need to be applied more frequently than the latter kind. On the plus side, this type of hand sanitizer does not dry up your skin and the harm caused by consumption of it due to carelessness is a lot less. To make the sanitizer effective without having alcohol, hand sanitizer manufacturers use quaternary ammonium compounds as their main ingredient. These sanitizers also create a little foam-like texture when rubbed between the palms. It is the 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium present in these sanitizers that prevent your hands from getting dried up as it has moisturizing abilities. They are also less hazardous and so are the accidents caused by them. Most parents prefer giving alcohol-free hand sanitizers to their young children who may consume it by mistake. 

KMP Ayurvedic Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

KMP Ayurvedic Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

To solve this issue, KMP has come up with a product that finds the middle ground. KMP ayurvedic hand sanitizer has the perfect amount of alcohol in it and is also enriched with the goodness of ayurvedic components such as Neem and Tulsi. These two ingredients are considered to be the highest in the herb family and have innumerable benefits. The gel texture of this hand sanitizer makes sure that it gets easily absorbed in your skin in a matter of seconds. To beat the foul smell of alcohol which most sanitizers available in the market today have, this gel hand sanitizer comes in two fragrances namely, Neem and Sandalwood. Both these fragrances have a soothing smell that lingers long after the sanitizer has evaporated. Due to its ayurvedic nature, KMP ayurvedic hand sanitizer does not dry out your hands even after regular application.

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