Why Coconut Oil Is A Perfect All Rounder

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Why Coconut Oil Is A Perfect All Rounder


Coconut Oil is one such offering from Mother Nature that comes loaded with multiple health benefits. Apart from acting as a great source of antidote for hair and skin related issues, it also works to alleviate pain. Coconut oil is extracted from pressing on to dried coconuts which are otherwise referred to as “Mature”. The oil thus extracted has natural benefits like reducing inflammation, anti-fungal properties and help support other processes of the body across a wide range of options. Although the evidence of the benefits of coconut oil is not on a definitive platform, a lot has been said and written about it and has been extensively touched upon across a wide range of studies and researches put together.

What’s so good about coconuts for pain?

It’s important to know the composition and structure of coconut oil. Primarily, it is saturated fat almost 80 percent which again comprises chiefly of Medium Chain Triglycerides or better known as fatty acids compares to longer chains that most of us tend to consume through our diet on a regular basis through other foods. Long-chain fatty acids demand to be broken down before your body can absorb them. As such, Medium Chain Triglycerides are found extensively in Coconut Oil which also contains fewer counts of calories compared to counterparts (long-chain fatty acids).

The most vital Medium Chain Triglycerides comprises of more than 50 percent saturated fats in the shape of Lauric Acid. It helps to convert itself into a component called Monolaurin that is rich in monoglyceride. It is looked upon as a powerful source to fight germs which in turn can be hugely effective against a large number of viruses, protozoa, and bacteria. Now, Lauric Acid can’t be directly accredited imparting a wide range of benefits that coconut oil generally has to offer, a study dating back to 2015 actually vouches for the same.

Immune system boost

Coconut oil comprises two very special ingredients that make it exceedingly good for boosting the immunity system–Lauric & Caprylic Acid. Both these components readily fight viruses and overgrowth of yeasts like candida along with other infections caused by bacterial overgrowth. Anyone who is looking to boost their immune system can also include Coconut oil in their diet.

For Ultimate Pain Relief

Coconut oil readily works to reduce inflammation across your joints and muscles. A study that was published in a journal called Pharmaceutical Biology depicted how the use of virgin coconut oil has can work towards offering relief from pain owing to its analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The high presence of lauric acid is what contributes towards reducing inflammation which in turn works to reduce pain to a great extent. Multiple studies have indicated that coconut oil extracts were effective to the same line of Indomethacin which is a popularly prescribed drug for healing pain.  Besides acting as a temporary cure for pain, coconut oil also carries certain inflammatory properties that have been found to treat more serious health conditions like for instance Arthritis. There are a lot of people who tend to take in medications for pain resorting to prescription drugs, even chronic diseases can be cured with the help of natural elements like coconut oil to ease the condition. Moreover, coconut oil is a much-preferred mode of treatment as it’s easily available and is often looked at as an alternative form of low-cost treatment. Coconut Oil when applied topically also helps to increase blood supply to the area that’s affected by arthritis thus helping to reduce any swelling or pain that’s localized. Apart from arthritis, people who also suffer chronic joint pains and conditions like fibromyalgia can also gain benefit from regular and topical application and massage of coconut oil.

Fast energy booster

 Coconut Oil is also believed to be a great source of energy when it becomes a part of your daily diet. Time and again, coconut oil imparts energy and strength when you are feeling low of bogged down.  It is due to the presence of Medium Chain Triglycerides that offers fast metabolism and cuts through fat calories thus converting them to energy for your body. Also, regular application of coconut oil can help to deal with issues like body cramps by increasing the blood flow across the affected areas. Hence, a good massage is always recommended when you are considering using coconut oil for topical application.

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