Why Is It Important To Protect Our Hair From Helmet?

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Wearing a helmet is a must whenever we ride a bike or even a bicycle. It is as important as the brakes. Accidents happened uniformed and sometimes not from our fault but rather of someone else’s. So the best thing to do is be concerned about our safety at all times whenever we are riding on the streets. While wearing a helmet is a necessity, did you know that they also serve as an important reason behind hair loss? The most common reason behind helmets causing hair fall is the incorrect size or that it is made of poor quality materials.

Do We Face Hair Loss Due To Wearing A Helmet?

does helmet cause hair fall

If you’re wondering whether we face hair fall by wearing helmets then yes, we do. It mostly happens if we aren’t gentle while wearing or taking off our helmets. Often we are in such a rush that we take off our helmet even if they tug on to our hair. Our hair is gentle so pulling them can easily lead to their breakage. It sometimes even gets jammed in the locks of our helmets. On wearing helmets, if you feel tension then it’s a sign that you aren’t wearing it properly and something is wrong. Helmets are supposed to be comfortable. Uncomfortable helmets can cause traction alopecia which is a form of hair loss in which mechanical damage to the hair follicle is caused by repeated tension or pulling. Receding hairline typically around the forehead, temples, or nape, small pimples appearing on the scalp or at the base of braids, redness, itching, and ulcers on the scalp are all signs of traction alopecia. The most important reason why you need to purchase a perfect sized helmet that fits well is that a loose one can slide off too easily and an extremely tight one can cause headaches, suffocation and hair loss. When riding a bicycle, your body produces excessive sweat, so does riding a bike in heat. The close surface of the helmet absorbs this sweat and thus bacteria build up. Over time, the padded area of the helmet becomes a hotspot of bacteria and other germs and since warm and moist areas promote the breeding of bacteria, it only gets worse from there onwards. On wearing the same helmet, the same bacteria gets transferred to your scalp which in turn causes hair fall and sometimes even leads to a scalp infection. Bacterial folliculitis is an infection that is caused in the scalp due to germs accumulation. It occurs when hair follicles become infected with bacteria, usually Staphylococcus aureus (staph). It appears as acne and inflammation rings and causes a lot of irritation. In case of these signs match, we recommend you to see a hair specialist right away and get it treated. In the long run, it can lead to baldness and even spread to other people around you who might share a comb or towel with you.

How Can We Protect Our Hair From The Damage Caused By Wearing A Helmet?

protect hair damage caused by wearing a helmet

Now that you know all about the damages that a helmet can cause to your hair, it is only wise for you to check out the ways in which you can prevent the same. Every problem has a solution and so does this. Here are some things you can do to protect your hair from the damage caused by wearing a helmet:

Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair

Keeping your hair clean is the best thing you can do to make sure that dirt and bacteria do not become the reason behind your hair fall. Wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo, followed by a conditioner to restore the lost shine. Remember to wash off the shampoo thoroughly otherwise that too can trigger the bacteria and cause more damage than solve.

Nourish Your Hair

hair nourishment

A well-nourished hair is a key to less hair fall. For this, you can either use a hair serum of your choice post-shower or even use light oils like jasmine oil and apply it to the tips of your hair slightly. This will tame your hair and also decrease the risk of friction.

Biker’s Mask Is A Must

To make sure any bacteria which already exists in the helmet does not get transferred to your scalp, place a piece of cotton cloth or a handkerchief on your head. Due to the ongoing pandemic, people are also wearing shower caps before putting on a helmet to make sure no transfer of germs takes place.

Deep Massages

hair massage

If you are already suffering from hair loss and you think that it could be because of your helmet then try giving yourself a head massage with warm coconut oil. It is said that Coconut Oil Is The King Of Oils and it really helps in improving the circulation of blood in your scalp. Good circulation, therefore, results in hair growth.

Dry Your Hair Before Wearing A Helmet

dry hair without damaging

As mentioned before, damp places are the breeding ground of bacteria. Hence to make sure your helmet is not so, make sure your hair is dry before you put on a helmet. Wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair, so the hair loss will be a lot more.

Get A Good Helmet

helmet material selection

A helmet that fits you perfectly is a must. When purchasing a helmet, remember to check the inside stuffing and the material used in it. A good quality helmet is an investment you shouldn’t shy away from.

Keep Your Helmet Clean

how to clean bike helmet

Whether you use your helmet or someone borrows it from you, make sure to clean the helmet with an antibacterial solution after each use for removal of germs from it.

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