Winter is here! Prevent skin dryness and dullness with these Ayurvedic skincare tips

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keeping your skin glowing, soft.

Is the harsh winter weather making your skin feel dry and dull? Is your skin feeling flaky? As you gear up to bring out your mittens and woolens, don’t forget to show extra love to your itchy, dry skin. The cold climate is unfriendly to your skin because it takes away all the natural moisture and leaves you feeling extremely dry. 

You can cover yourself in various types of body butters and moisturizers, but these can only help you to a certain extent. If your skin continues to feel flaky, you need to look for other options that offer a long-term solution. That’s where Ayurveda can come in handy. Since ancient times, the Ayurvedic skin care system has been around, and its results have been proven. Furthermore, the Ayurvedic skincare regime focuses on solving the root of the problem. 

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your skin glowing, soft, and nourished. 

Castor oil, coconut oil, ghee, and aloe vera are your winter friends 

massage your skin

Coconut oil and ghee have natural fats, and they’re known to hydrate the skin quickly. These get easily absorbed by the skin and even help to reverse the signs of aging. If you think they’re too sticky and can ruin your clothes, you can apply them to your skin before bathing and before going to bed. 

Even castor oil is excellent for your skin during the winter. You can massage your skin for 30-minute before bathing with castor oil. The oil helps keep the skin healthy, and all the natural oils will remain intact. 

However, if you find castor oil smelly or ghee and coconut oil sticky, you can massage your body using Ayurvedic body oil. You can heat the massage oil and apply it before going to bed, or you can apply it after you’ve taken a warm shower. The oil doesn’t stick to clothes, and it consists of ingredients derived from nature. 

Don’t forget aloe vera because it has excellent hydrating and healing properties. It works perfectly for those with dry skin. You can even swap out your regular moisturizer for aloe vera. 

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water 

drink water

During winter, taking care of your skin isn’t only about applying moisturizers and oils. It is about taking care of yourself from within. In Ayurveda, it is believed that skin problems are caused due to certain imbalances within the body and the weather. 

When the weather is cold, people forget to drink water. But the skip is stripped of its moisture and natural oils during the colder and drier climate. So when it is devoid of natural moisture, you need to hydrate your body enough to make up for it. It is highly recommended that you drink water throughout the day instead of drinking a lot of it at once. 

If the cold water irritates your throat, you can keep warm water in a flask and keep sipping it. You can even indulge in warm teas, like lemon ginger tea. Both ginger and lemon are great for digestion and keep you healthy during winter. 

Sunscreen isn’t only for the summer 

a good sunscreen

People wrongly assume that sunscreen is only for the summer sun. But the effects of the sun’s UV rays are just as harmful during winter. It can damage your skin if you’re not wearing sunscreen. 

Even if you love the winter sun and enjoy soaking it in, ensure to wear sunscreen when you do it. Exposure to the sun is also why your skin might feel dry and dull. The sun’s radiation can cause damage to your skin’s natural barrier. When the skin’s barrier is damaged, it won’t hold a lot of moisture and hence, become dry. Ensure to choose a good sunscreen with the right amount of SPF. 

Love taking warm showers during winter? Keep them short!

apply a moisturizer

Of course, nobody expects you to bathe in cold water during winter. However, exposure to water is an important reason your skin is becoming dry and dull. You can easily avoid this by keeping your warm showers short, even though they feel amazing. 

Moreover, you need to layer your skin with a bathing oil or body massage oil in India before stepping into your shower. The oil will protect your skin and help retain all the moisture and natural oils. You can gently massage the oil into your skin and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you step into the shower. Then, you can wash off the oil using a mild cleanser or soap. 

Rich in antioxidants, healing properties, and anti-inflammatory properties, the Ayurvedic body massage oil will restore the natural glow and smoothness of your skin. Then, when the skin is still damp, you need to apply a moisturizer, so your skin feels soft. 

Keep your lips moist and soft 

your lips appear healthy

While you focus on your face, hands, and legs during winter, don’t forget your lips. They need as much care as the other parts of your body. If you don’t know, your lips have the thinnest skin among all the different parts of your body. That’s why lips tend to become chapped when the weather is cold and dry. 

If you want your lips to appear soft, healthy, and nourished, you must use proper moisturization. You can apply lip balms to lock the natural oils and make your lips appear healthy and beautiful. 


Winter isn’t an excellent time for your skin, but it is the time when you have invitations for weddings and festivities lining up. You cannot stay hidden away throughout the winter season because your skin feels dry, dull, and flaky. So, get what you need from KMP Ayurvedic and heal your skin naturally. Your skin will thank you for taking care of it so well, and you’ll feel amazing to show it off to your friends and family. Nobody can keep their eyes off of you. 

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